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New technologies in automatic public toilets

United States .- The factory game consoles Sega has unveiled its new entertainment device: a team of videogames as a site of a “joystick” used the urine of participants to control the games.

The console is designed to be installed in the bathrooms of bars and restaurants comes with an LCD screen and has several games:

– “The Mannekin Pis”, which simply measures the strength of the urine and record shows on the screen.

– “Graffiti Eraser”, a game where the trickle of urine, which simulates a water hose, you should remove the paint virtual graffiti on a wall.

– “North Wind,” a videogame in which according to how strong urine, the more the wind to lift her skirt to a virtual girl.

– “Battle”, where you compete against someone who urinated before, and according to the power of the dash, compare and score points to beat the opponent.

So if you go to Japan, and her male companion takes a long time in the bathroom, do not feel bad: you know what you should be doing

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