• Personalised Projects

Personalised Projects

In addition to the serial models, we have the necessary means to adapt our system to your needs. The principle special projects which we undertake can be divided into four main groups:

Adaptation of our self-cleaning system

to existing premises with the aim of taking advantage of previous locations. In this way we manage to update installations making them new, self-cleaning, hygienic, modern and accessible public toilets.


Toilet modules comprising 2, 3 or 4 toilet units

combined with exterior urinals. We are in a position to develop and manufacture the model which best adapts to your needs.

Special toilets for public transport companies

Small sized toilets with all the fittings of Lorke self-cleaning cabins.

Self-cleaning toilet combined with another element

The increasing demand for self-cleaning public toilets on public streets makes it necessary on occasions to combine these installations with other elements. Modules such as bar + self-cleaning toilet or shower + self-cleaning toilet have been developed for some of our customers.

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