Oral instruction system

The aim of our instruction system is to improve the accessibility of our toilets. LORKE’s experience in the market is present when it comes to undertaking the relevant modifications and improvements in our amenities. So much so that, due to the suggestions received by our customers regarding the toilet operating instructions, we decided to introduce this system of announcement.

The workings of this system is characterised by its simplicity, reducing maintenance and being especially useful for the blind and the elderly. When the user enters the amenity, a programmable recording of 8 minutes maximum communicates the workings of the amenity, toilet characteristics and time of use.

Two-way GPRS communication system

The aim of our GPRS communication system is to connect the self-cleaning cabin with a mobile telephone or data reception centre (*) as chosen by the customer which collects data and alarms via the GPRS mobile technology. In the same way, this enables LORKE to connect with the toilet to detect via remote control any possible failures in operation and make a diagnosis of the breakdown. The only requirements for the system to work is to equip the cabin with a mobile number, a communication module, programme the automaton to send the corresponding warnings and have mobile coverage in the locations (guaranteed by the telephone company).

By way of example, communication is established in the following circumstances:

  • When set up.
  • On closure as scheduled by the opening and closing programmer.
  • In the case of anomaly such as:
    • Lack of water pressure in the circuit: In this situation the toilet automatically closes and at the same time sends a message notifying this situation.
    • After 15 minutes the detection radar continues to detect someone on the inside, which could mean that the user has not left the compartment. Prior to this situation, at 14 minutes 30 seconds an alarm will begin to ring intermittently. At 15 minutes it will sound more continuously and the door will have unblocked and a message sent to the data collection centre. We avoid trappings inside the toilet or possible uncontrolled situations of users who may have been unable to leave the toilet. We increase safety in the amenity.
    • A differential or magnetothermic switch may have switched off therefore causing a defect in the workings. It could be that due to a short circuit the light in the toilet does not work correctly and needs to be checked.

In this latter case, our communication system also allows us to close the toilet if we have received an operating defect warning and we only want the toilet to work in perfect conditions. It is a remote-control closure due to breakdown or another type of incident with a code and SMS to the toilet with the order to close it.

Example of the message received would be:

Location1>30-06-06>08.25:20>Insufficient pressure in the water circuit. Toilet closed until re-initiated.

Location2>30-03-06>15.59:20>Maximum time elapsed. User possibly trapped inside.

We have 8 digits for coding each cabin. After that we programme the date, time and text we decide to put for each incident.

LORKE-toilet communication installed

Toilets with SMS communication installed enable us, from our installations, to connect with the toilet automaton to diagnose the possible breakdown-incident or modify parameters in the self-cleaning process (increase nozzle times, cancel automaton exits, control manoeuvring times, etc.).

SMS communication system summary chart

Type of message received SMS
Warning of possible user trapped inside YES
Protection warning appears in the toilet control panel YES
Warning of insufficient water pressure YES
Warning of incorrect working of the seat cover YES
Consultation by the client of the number of uses made of the toilet YES
Remote control closure of the toilet from the telephone number which receives the warnings YES
Opening of the toilet from the telephone number which receives the warnings YES
Remote control connection from factory with the toilet YES
Adjustment of manoeuvring times YES
Number of telephones that receive the warning 1

This system includes:

  • A GPRS modem for each self-cleaning cabin including the necessary connections and modifications of the programme for sending data.
  • Development, setting in operation and training of personnel in the easy-handling application.



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